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We’re turning the vintage clothing market upside down!

Fair Priced Vintage. That’s vintage how it’s supposed to be; fair prices, high quality and banging items. We organise the sickest vintage clothing market in Europe. Everything is handpicked, clean and ready to wear.  

How can the price be so low? Simple. We don’t feel we need to take extreme margins on our products. We don’t organise events for the highest profit, but because we love to give clothes a new life. 

Besides a fair price, we also offer a fair chance. The racks are restocked throughout the day. So you have an equal chance of getting cool items if you come later in the day.

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Book your time slot above. We restock items throughout the day so you have the same chance of getting that special gem every timeslot.

Enjoy our wide range of handpicked items and stroll among the spacious racks.

We checkout your items with a price to write home about. Good for the environment and your own wallet.

Enjoy some more drinks and music. Claim your spot before it is full!